Het laatste woord is hier nog niet over gesproken. Intussen is er ook weer een reactie van Tuomas opgedoken op de gepubliceerde brief van Tarja. Op deze site vinden we het originele artikel, waarvan de (ruwe) vertaling hieronder staat:

"We did care for her"

Founding member of Nightwish Tuomas Holopainen has read letter that the band's ex-singer Tarja Turunen has posted on her homepage this thuesday.

- Agreement seems a distant dream at this moment, says Holopainen.

Holopainen was especially surprised about the part of the letter where Turunen felt that her husband being part of problem was insulting.

- It is not that we criticise Marcelo Cabulin as a husband, but as Tarja's manager and business-man, and how he influenced the band's actions. His homeland has nothing to do with it, even though Turunen implicates it in the letter, claims Holopainen.

- Instead his motives have been concerning us from the very beginning. Our assumptions that there's something wrong have only increased along the road, he says.

"We took Tarja seriously"

Also Holopainen doesn't understand the comment about Tarja choosing marriage instead of "being band's own girl".

- I think it's ridiculous to think that this would be the cause of any kind of jealousy.

Holopainen says the rest of the bandmembers have always taken Tarja seriously. They wanted her in this band because of who she was.

- We've always tried to respect Tarja as the singer and icon of the band.

At the same time Holopainen says the rest of the band went along with Tarja's wishes. Is she wanted to travel by plane instead of by bus, it was fine. Or if she didn't want to do interviews, I did them myself.

- This way we tried to show to Tarja that we cared for her.

"Agreement seems impossible"

It pains Holopainen to break a friendship that lasted 15 years. He says the whole band, including him, are still behind their words and the way they handled it.

- This matter could not have been dealt with any other way.

Holopainen hasn't been in contact with Turunen after the break and there will be no attempts to for a while.

- Agreement sounds like a very distant dream at this moment. At this very moment I consider it absolutely impossible.
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